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Today’s Oysters

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Oysters on the Half Shell

Tavern Salts
Occohannock Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia,  $2.25ea (4-6pm $1)
The Taverns Own Proprietary Oyster, grown for us by the Broadwater Oyster Company. 3” Cupped Shell, Mouthwateringly Briny. A terrific Virginia Oyster.

Powder Points
Duxbury Bay, Duxbury, Massachusetts $2.80ea
Medium-Large in Size, Plump Meats with a Salty, Sweet and Clean Finish

East Passage, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island  $2.65ea
3 Inch Average Shell Size, Great Brine, Firm Meats and Incredibly Tasty!

Pickle Points
New London Bay, Prince Edward Island Canada $3.00 ea
Cage-Grown in Deep Icy Waters, Harvested by Cutting Through the Ice with Chain Saws, These Oysters are Exceptionally Clean with A Terrific Briny Taste. A Northern Altantic Treat.

Blue Points
Long Island, Connecticut $2.50 ea
The Oyster by which all others are Judged. Medium-Large Sized with Firm Meats. Nice Saintly, Cucumber Finish.  The Real Deal.

Today’s Oyster Shooters

Chilled Effen Cucumber Vodka and Red Peppercorn Mignonette, $5.50 ea
Chilled Absolut Citron with a Splash of Cocktail Sauce, $5.50 ea

Chargrilled Oysters of the Week

“Grilled Oysters Parmesan” $12
Four Chargrilled Plump Oysters Grilled and Topped with your choice of
Horseradish-Parmesan Butter
Rockefeller Butter
Casino Butter with Smoked Bacon